Employee Engagement: What You Need to Know

Employee Engagement: What You Need to Know

9 Sep 2020

Organizations with highly engaged employees greatly outperform those with a disengaged workforce. They are more productive and have a positive effect on their bottom line as they develop a thick skin for economic setbacks. 

Research has shown that over two-thirds of employees are either, disengaged or at best, indifferent.

It is evident that many organizations harbor not just unhappy employees who do not love what they do but employees who because of their current work, have failed to progress in their careers. Low engagement rate contributes to diminished productivity, lack of motivation and increases the rate of attrition.

Luckily, there are effective strategies that can be implemented in your organization to boost and increase engagement.

1. Make the right Hire

There's been a lot of conversation about company culture and strategy implementation but all these will be easy for you if you have a great recruitment process. The thorough screening, right interview questions, timely background checks of every hire results in On-boarding people who are very engaged from the very beginning. The people who should be selected during your recruitment process are candidates that act like owners, candidates that will go the extra mile to help the company. 

2. Acknowledge Good work

Every employee wants to feel that their work is meaningful and can contribute to the greater good of the organization. There's nothing that beats seeing your ideas and work practices being praised so be sure to share and display their best work and make your corrections constructively. Acknowledging good work doesn't have to come from the leadership always, feedback and contribution from colleagues can also boost engagement by creating a sense of trust throughout an organization. 

3. Encourage Career Growth

There are many ways to encourage career growth. Here are a few;

• Helping employees build out their personal contact by putting them in contact with others who can help their careers. 
• Ask questions about their career plan and evaluate on a timely basis what they do asides work. This would help them recognize the interest you have developed in their growth. 

4. Emphasize on skills development

Emphasis on development will help employees see their role in an organization as important and valued. Employees who feel the leadership supports their careers are more likely to feel less pressured, knowing that the work they do today will definitely benefit their career path.

Highly engaged employees are committed, dedicated and ready to deliver good work. Your ability as an organization to engage your workforce will produce great results and good business success. Ensure that you invest care and strong work ethics, in every department. 

Looking for employee engagement strategies that work? HR-ON-WHEELS can improve hiring decisions, interviewing candidates and proffer solutions to your disengaged workforce. 

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