Top 6 Paying Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree Certificate

Top 6 Paying Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree Certificate

21 Sep 2020

You most probably have been made to believe that the only way to get a well-paying and dignified job is to obtain a degree certificate. 

However, while many employers may seek to employ degree holders, many others now source for employees with the right skills, skills you can conveniently acquire either through apprenticeship or vocational training.

This is often referred to as skill-based employment/job.

Are you seeking for a deserving job but do not own a degree certificate? Don't write yourself off, Here are some positions you can apply for.

1. Content Writing:

Content writing requires your writing, communication, critical thinking and informative skills, more often than not a degree is not required in getting a job as a content writer and as it is, content writing is one of the major skills on high demands.

2. Data Analysis/ Computer Programming:

Computer literacy is not subject to educational standards, hence  Telecommunications companies and many other computerized companies need the services of a programmer to create, write, analyze, and test codes that enable computer programs and applications to function. seek out the skill and not just academic qualifications. 


3. Software Design:

Software designing, like content writing, is also a major skill on high demands and potential employers often make hire for the skill as it serves them better.

4. Social Media Management:

Social media is currently one of the largest networks for passing and receiving information. 

Many companies run 80% of their businesses on several platforms on social media, hence the importance of a social media manager. This position does not require you to be a bachelor degree holder, what it requires is your skill and ability to manage the several activities and improvements that occur on the Internet.


5. Graphics Designing:

This involves the creation of images, typography, or motion graphics to produce a piece of design. A graphic designer is not necessarily a degree holder, yet his skill cuts across all fields because good graphic designs are usually published and printed for electronic media and advertising.

6. Jewellery Making:

Human beings are known for their desire to look their best, most especially those of the female gender, royal lineage or high class in the society. One of the ways they show this is through their jewelry and viola, a degree certificate is not required for this skill, all you need is creativity.

In a country where unemployment is a major setback and education for the average man comes expensive and almost impossible, you can ensure your survival and improve your standard of living with your skills. All you need is the right place to search and here you have it!!

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