Happy Independence Day: Nigeria at 60

Happy Independence Day: Nigeria at 60

1 Oct 2020

October 1st 1960 is a day that can never be forgotten in the history of our dear Nation Nigeria — The giant of Africa.

It was the day we got our independence from the British Authority. A day of assumed freedom from the captivity of the colonial masters. 

However, even though it is widely believed among every other African country that we got this freedom on a platter of gold because we did not have to organise guerilla warfare or the Apartheid in South Africa. 
Notwithstanding,  it took the great efforts of Patriots and great heroes like Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe and some others to acquire this freedom. And on the foundations of this freedom, a country was built. 
Over the years, Nigeria has proven against all odds, to be a survivor. 

Through the huddles of civil war, military coups, riots, terrorism, violence and economic breakdown, Nigeria has managed to stand undivided thus far. 

Nigeria has survived and is still surviving through; National pandemics such as Ebola, Laser fever, and Coronavirus; Political turbulence; Corruption; Tribal Differences; Social vices etc. Nigeria has also survived several prophetic projections of disintegration, separation and division.

Apparently, it cannot be said that Nigeria has reached its destination, yet its ability to survive the journey of sixty years keeps the hope of a better future alive.
Today we celebrate our heritage, our home and our own - Nigeria! 

We celebrate the life of our patriots who fought without fear of freedom. We celebrate the different tribe, culture and custom that came together as one to make up this great Country.

And we celebrate the future that will usher in the birth of the beautiful ones which would finally lead this Country to its destination.

I believe that Survival is woven into the core depth of our DNA, we thrive and survive. We are never defeated or divided. We are Nigerians!!

I strongly believe that one day Nigeria will rise and shine!!! 

Happy Independence!

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