Happy International Youth Day: A Call To Take Ownership

Happy International Youth Day: A Call To Take Ownership

13 Aug 2020

“Happy International Youth Day (IYD)!”

According to research, there are more than 180 million young people between the ages of 15 and 35 years in Nigeria today.  If you happen to fall into this category, then this article speaks directly to you.

It’s our Prime, our Pride, our Time, it’s YOUTH - HOOD!

The United Nations’ theme for IYD 2020 is “Youth Engagement for Global Action”, this centers on the involvement of youths at local and global levels.

“In times like this, how can Nigerian Youths contribute towards the growth and development of the Nation and make a positive impact?"

Here are a few tips:

Sense of Ownership

Nigeria is our own, our home, and our heritage. Nigerian Youths must develop a sense of ownership and not a sense of exploitation or nonchalance. We must own up to what we have, and even when it seems impossible, we must be ready to build it(our nation).

Cultural Interest

Nigeria is a country with several ethnic groups, several languages, customs, and cultural backgrounds thereby making unity and sentiment free governance quite difficult. The Nigerian youth can change this by first having an interest in these cultures. As an adage says, “if we know where we’re coming from, we might have an idea of where we’re going”.

Self Empowerment 

One of the major problems that the Nigerian Youths are facing today is the issue of unemployment. This lack of empowerment has not only buried many voices from being heard, but it has also become degradation to the country as a whole. This is why Nigerian Youths are encouraged to acquire skills, develop, and empower themselves. If the number of self-empowered youths outweighs dependent and unemployed youths, the impact will be felt in the Nigerian economic system.

Youths are supposed to be known for creative, innovative ideas, and must at every opportunity, display their talents.

Purpose-driven not Money Driven

The average Nigerian youth would rather use his ideas to gain 10 bucks immediately than a million bucks in 5 years. This is a major leak in the emergence of the Nigerian Youth and his contribution to his immediate society. Nigerian Youths must become purpose and not money-driven.


“Arise, o compatriots, Nigeria call…”, Youths have the strength, the agility, the fire, the ideas, the vision it takes to answer this call. If the old can’t make the change, if the toddlers can’t make the change, definitely the youths can!

“Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die (give our all)” - Hebert Hoover.

The youths must ensure there is no reason for war, they are employable and are contributing to the national growth and development.

Despite the several visible limitations the youths face, they must not be deterred and no one should be able to stop them from making an impact in our world, not as visitors but as residents.

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