5 Reasons You Didn't Get the Job

5 Reasons You Didn't Get the Job

25 Aug 2020

In today’s competitive job market there are several factors affecting hiring decisions, which in turn makes it hard to determine the outcome of your application.

If you critically evaluate your job search approach you will discover that there might be some things you may be doing wrong.

If you have experienced job rejection lately, the possible reasons are as follows:

1.  Your CV is not well-written:

If your Curriculum Vitae does not contain a strong combination of your experiences and skills, there is every possibility that it will be ignored by the hiring manager.

To stand out amidst other candidates, your curriculum vitae must be free of errors, properly formatted and most importantly it must be tailored to the job role requirements.

2.  You are underqualified for the Position:

If the job description requires a candidate with 3 years' experience and you possess less than, in most cases, you might not be considered. Before you apply for any job, you must be sure that you are about 90% qualified for the position.

3.  Your cover letter is not properly written or not included in your application:

Not every job requires a cover letter, but if it is requested in the job ad, you must include it to avoid being disqualified. A good cover letter must focus on reasons you are the right fit for the job and not the information you have captured in your CV.

4.  Your salary expectations are unrealistic:

Some organizations require that you state your salary expectations when applying for the job opening. If your salary expectation is above what the organization has to offer for the stated position, the hiring manager will outrightly reject your application.

Before stating your salary expectations, carry out thorough research on the salary structure of the organization.

5. You are overqualified for the position:

Employers and recruitment managers believe that being overqualified means they would have to pay you more. In this case, most recruitment managers won’t hire you.

However, if you believe you would enjoy a job for which you are overqualified make sure you state this when writing your cover letter.


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