10 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

10 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

25 Aug 2020

It is crucial to note that a properly optimized LinkedIn profile can go a long way in helping you secure your dream job, as you never can tell who checks out your profile and where your next opportunity can come from.


LinkedIn has an estimated 530 million users worldwide. The LinkedIn team ensures that exciting features that would help increase the platform’s personal marketing capabilities are added, while also giving users a medium to communicate their skills and motivations.


However, a lot of individuals do not understand how to fully utilize LinkedIn in advancing their careers. Whether you are looking to develop within your own community or organization, build your business etc., LinkedIn is stacked with assets and resources to assist you in developing expertly.


In this article, we have provided you with few but important tips, which will guide you in optimizing your LinkedIn profile.


1.  Use a professional profile picture:

“First Impression matters!”. Your LinkedIn profile picture gets people acquainted with you and informs their impression from the very beginning. Research shows that having the right picture makes your profile 14 times bound to be seen by other users.

To choose the right profile picture you must ensure that:

  • Your picture is recent
  • Your picture size is accurate – The ideal size for LinkedIn is 400x400 pixels and the picture should not be larger than 8MB.
  • Your picture is clear
  • Your face occupies 50-60 percent of the frame

Dress decently, most preferably corporately.

2.  Use a good background image:

A good background photo makes your profile page stand out. You can use quality background images of things you are passionate about or an image of the organization you work for.

3.  Make your Headline stand out:

Your headline is the first thing people see when they visit your LinkedIn profile. It is very important to use the headline to tell visitors about yourself, your qualification, experiences, skills, etc. Make the headline clear and descriptive. In writing your headline, use special keywords that are relevant to your field, as this makes it very easy to find you when looking for professionals in your area of specialization.

4. Tell your story through your summary:

Do not leave the summary section empty. Ensure that this section contains your overall description such as your educational qualification, the industries you have worked for, etc. This section is an opportunity to tell a story about your personal bio and should not be more than 3-5 paragraph

5. Expand your Network:

The question most users ask is “who should I connect with?” “Who should be in my network? It is important that your connections are relevant and they add significant value to your network.

To expand your network ensure that you post informative and engaging content often – When your connections like your post or share them, their own connections are very likely to see your update. If the information is very useful to them, they may send you an invitation.

Share blog articles, articles written by others, engaging and informative posts, etc. and use Images. Research shows that contents with images are viewed 11 times more to contents without images. Use quality images that are relevant to the information contained in the content

6. Engage your connections:

This is a very important step to build your network. Engage your connections by liking, sharing, and commenting on their posts, if need be. Comments like “Great post!” “Thanks for sharing!” etc. can make the difference.


 7. Update your skills and get endorsement from your colleagues:

Listing an array of skills without an endorsement is not enough. Make sure you update this section regularly as you add new skills and get an endorsement from your colleagues.


8. Take the skill test:

The skills assessment is an opportunity to take an online test which helps assess your level of proficiency in the chosen skill.

According to research, 30% of users with verified skills are likely to get employed for the roles they apply for.

Highlight your Experience and Previous roles: It is very important to list your Job experience and the previous roles you have occupied. This should follow the regular resume format. You must ensure that your experience and previous job function(s) are clearly stated.

9. Seek for recommendations:

This is a written testimonial by colleagues at work, previous colleagues, acquaintances, etc. that your skills and credentials are authentic and doctored by you in an attempt to stand out or qualified than you really are.

10. Showcase your certifications:

It is important to showcase your certifications when you complete an online course on several learning platforms. This helps you show a specific set of competencies and also make you stand out among other professionals.

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