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HR-on-Wheels is a Technology and onsite Human Resource Consulting firm with a focus to add value to the businesses of SMEs by emphasizing the need to have a people strategy in place at the early stages of their businesses.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the unconventional go to provider of Human Resources Management services and solutions for both employers and job seekers without the limits of borders and geographical terrain restrictions.

Our Mission

We strive to provide equal access to businesses, job seekers and employees alike using technology in the areas of solutions and strategies tailored towards business structuring, employability and upskilling as well as access to flexible work particularly for women who have to sacrifice career for family life.

Typical HR problems of SMEs identified

1. Talent Management

World over, one of the most prevailing business issues faced by small to large organisations is finding and hiring the right talent all the time. With our newly launched Skills Wheel Academy, we ensure job seekers not only have proficiency in desired skills set for success in organisations but we also ensure where there are gaps and draw on the strengths and weaknesses of job seekers as a consideration during the recruitment or placement process.

2. Employee Engagement

The question business owners must ask about how employees are engaged to do their best work are as follows: As the internal customers of the business, are our employees happy? Is there an alignment between their life goals/objectives and that of the organisation? Do they see a future where their impact as individuals can be contributed within and outside the organisation? Why should your employees continue to work for you and not the competitors?

3. Employee Performance

What you don’t track, cannot be measured. The future of work is doing away with the traditional hierarchical structure and QoQ or annual performance review systems. As we all know it, we are moving towards building agile and flexible teams to deliver on key organisational projects and innovations. To this end, a statement of work that defines success parameters is adopted on a project-by-project basis to measure what success looks like at the end of every project or initiative.

4. Compensation and Benefits

The Nigerian Labour Act provides clear guidelines for managing the Employer and the Employee relationship which many businesses are either unaware of or non-complaint. Ignorance is not excusable under the law. Ensure your business is 100% complaint with statutory requirements to avoid paying unnecessary penalties and fines.


Developed to allow SMEs complete their recruitment process remotely and as effectively as possible.

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Skills Wheel Academy

An e-learning platform developed to up-skill fresh graduates, job seekers,and early employment stage employees.

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Fuse ERP

Designed to help SMEs better manage their businesses on a lean budget. With our experience dealing with SMEs we have developed a product to manage day to day operational hassles across their most critical functions.

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Wheelers Outsourcing

A subscription-based Tele-HR platform developed to provide virtual on-demand and onsite assistance and support to SMEs on all challenges, compliance questions, or people management techniques.

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HR Projects

At HR-on-Wheels, we are certain that businesses we engage with at the start-up or growth phase will mature eventually with the right foundational pillars such as those we are geared to provide. As such these category of businesses or the few we will be opportune to come in contact with, will need to reengineer their HR processes and will be happy to implement the following services:

Competency Framework Development

"What gets measured, gets done” is a popular phrase that applies in the business context. As a business, you need to define the knowledge, skills and attributes required for people within your organisation to perform on the job effectively even before they are hired.

Performance Management Framework

Design and propose appropriate performance management system closely tied to agreed KPIs for each job role and linked to reward and retention strategy and compensation and benefits strategy. Inclusive of structure for period feedback and checkpoint reviews. Design appropriate structure for growth and promotions.

Reward and Retention Strategy

Design and propose appropriate reward and retention strategies, with easy to implement employee engagement programs customized to recognize and encourage acceptable behaviour.

Compensation and Benefits Structure

Design a pay structure that ensures appropriate balance of fixed and variable pay, structure of deductions of Payee, Pension, Tax. Propose an objective structure for calculating base + variable pay and service charge payments. Propose Salary structure and grading. Propose statutory and non-statutory welfare schemes (non-statutory components to be agreed upon by management)

Internal organization process flow

Review of current structure and operations for areas of compliance, efficiency and duplicity of roles. Review and propose new process flow for identified areas of security breech and proper checks.

Documentation of SOPs for Front and Back of House operations

Review and document current SOPs for all operations, propose needed adjustments as needed to achieve better employee utilization.

Learning & Development Plan

Review, standardize and document current available in-house training programs for staff. Propose trainings for soft and technical skills as appropriate.

Talent Pool for contingency recruitment

Identify and maintain a database of suitable candidates that can be pooled for contingency recruitment. Design basic induction program to be deployed on contingency workers.

Career Progression and Development Framework

Talent retention is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses especially SMEs. With a career progression and development framework, employees are able to envision themselves growing and remaining with your organisation for years to come.

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